Repair Your Damaged Septic System

Repair Your Damaged Septic System

Reach out to the folks at Allen Pump & Repair

It stinks when your septic system is damaged or broken. But it doesn't have to! The professional team at Allen Pump & Repair can help you with that. We repair septic tanks and systems for residential and commercial clients.

Call 208-829-5542 today to get a free estimate on our septic tank repair services.

Do you need your septic system repaired?

You may not necessarily know when your septic system is in need of repair, but the experts at Allen Pump & Repair are here to help you figure it out. Contact us right now for an inspection if:

  • Your yard is flooded with sewage or simply smells like sewage.
  • Your toilets, sinks and drains are backing up really easily.
  • Your toilets are making loud gurgling sounds often.
  • The grass around your septic tank is much greener than anywhere else in the yard.
  • Sewage is flowing up from your plumbing fixtures.

Septic tank issues can end up being a major problem for your health, if not addressed quickly. Reach out to us right away to get started on your septic system repair.